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Raised Air Snorkel - Fits Defender 90/110/130

Original price €238,95 - Original price €238,95
Original price
€238,95 - €238,95
Current price €238,95
An aftermarket raised air snorkel for the New Defender L663.

Although a snorkel may appear to increase your wading height in deep water, it does not - this will not turn your Defender into a submarine - what it actually does is provide the engine with cleaner, pollutant free air, and as such is actually better suited to drier terrains.

Included in this kit -
  • Aftermarket Snorkel
  • Gloss black top cap
  • Fitting kit and instructions
  • Made from tough ABS plastic with a textured finish.
NOTE - If the water looks too deep, just because you have a snorkel, it doesn't mean your new Defender is now a Submarine.

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